WhatsApp adds the ability to share videos in HD

WhatsApp enthusiasts can at long last partake in the dissemination of their preferred videos in 720p high-definition (HD) configuration. This groundbreaking attribute is presently undergoing deployment for Android and iOS devices, bringing to mind the analogous process observed in HD depiction sharing.

In a recent juncture, WhatsApp added the functionality to dispense images in HD quality alongside the prevalent “typical” caliber. While this evolution was warmly welcomed, the platform under the stewardship of Meta is ushering in the capacity to diffuse videos in HD grandeur.

The corporate entity officially confirmed the rollout of this innovative trait to TechCrunch on Friday. With this fresh inculcation, WhatsApp aficionados are poised to experience the dividends of disseminating videos in HD—delectating in a resolution attaining the lofty benchmark of 720p, a substantial leap from the former “typical” threshold of 480p.

This innovation had been heralded by its impending advent, having made its maiden appearance within the beta iteration of the messaging platform back in July. The protocol for imparting video content in HD closely parallels the method for HD image sharing.

Upon selecting the pertinent video for bestowal upon their contacts, users shall be greeted by the nascent “HD” icon. This icon shall grace the editing interface subsequent to the selection of the desired media for distribution. A simple actuation of said icon shall unveil a menu offering a panoply of resolution alternatives.”

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